Leisure / OTDYKH Travel Fair and Roadshows held in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia

Sri Lanka impressed the Russian travel and trade community by showcasing it’s galore of holiday opportunities to make the Russian travelers to consider about having a different experience in a different destination, at the Leisure/OTDYKH Travel & Tourism Exhibition held in Moscow from 12th -14th September 2023, for the 29th successive year.

The Sri Lankan pavilion at the exhibition was organized by the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Sri Lanka won the prestigious accolade for creative stand design at Leisure 2023 by the official fair organizer.

Sri Lanka Pavilion was officially opened by Sri Lanka Ambassador to Russia Prof. Janitha Liyanage on the 12th September 2023 followed by Ms. Sasika Jayaweera from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Mr. Chamila Jayarathne, Mr. Tishan De Silva, Ms. Olessya Romanova and Ms. Anna Makarovskaya from the Embassy also participated at the opening ceremony among other travel industry participants and distinguished guests.

Prof Janitha Liyanage addressed the forum at the official opening ceremony of Leisure/OTDYKH held by the Fair Organizer from 11: 00 am to 11:30am on the 12th September 2023.

Coincided with the Leisure Travel Fair on the 15th September in Moscow at hotel Marriott Imperial Plazza and 18th September in St. Petersburg at hotel Wawelberg. Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau organized a B2B forum and networking session along with the media briefing which commenced at 16:00 hrs and followed by the dinner. Ms. Sasika Jayaweera from Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau addressed the audience and briefed about the increase of Russian arrivals and how important the support of the Russian travel partners, media, airlines (Direct, Charters and connecting flights) what Sri Lanka as a destination has to offer. Also, Mr. Chamila Jayarathne from Sri Lanka Embassy in Russia addresses the audience representing the Sri Lanka Embassy in Russia.

Sri Lanka Tourism continues to proceed with its promotional activities in Russia with the support of the industry, bringing media, bloggers, influencers, travel agents and also attending key promotional events overseas. Further, 06 months PR campaign activity and a one-month short-term social media campaign are in the pipeline to be implemented as a tactical measure to increase the influx of tourists from Russia.

Sri Lanka Tourism is resilient and ready to welcome visitors to enjoy the best of local hospitality coupled with some of the finest products and services to satisfy even the most discerning traveler. Participating at a leading travel show such as Leisure/OTDYKH and networking sessions is vital in order to take the message that the island is safe, secure and fully equipped to offer the best travel experience. Further, to get the maximum benefit out of the current situation that has occurred in Russia by creating awareness among B2B and B2C in a timely manner and showcasing the importance of the Russian market in the international travel forum.

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau attended the above promotional events with industry participants representing travel companies and hotels including Aitken Spence Travel, and other stakeholders

Source: http://www.colombopage.com/archive_23B/Oct01_1696175227CH.php