Located in the centre of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, the little hamlet of Habarana serves as an excellent starting point for seeing the nation’s historic towns. In addition, the city is surrounded by verdant forests and serves as a hub for ecotourism and adventure sports.
An extremely well-liked pastime in Habarana is a wildlife safari. The town is close to several national parks, notably Kaudulla and Minneriya, which are well-known for their sizable elephant herds. During the dry season, hundreds of elephants congregate in the park’s reservoir for the annual elephant gathering at Minneriya.

The spectacular Sigiriya rock fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site that goes back to the fifth century AD, is located near Habarana. Awe-inspiring panoramas of the surrounding countryside are seen from the fortress’s summit, which visitors can ascend.
The Dambulla cave temple, a collection of five caves adorned with vintage Buddhist sculptures and paintings, is another well-liked Habarana site. The temple, one of Sri Lanka’s best-preserved cave temples, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pidurangala rock, close to Sigiriya, provides a strenuous trek and breathtaking views of the surroundings for those looking for a more adventurous experience. In addition, visitors may go kayaking, cycling, Tuk- Tuk rides and taking hot air balloon excursions.

The enigmatic ruins of the forest monastery of Ritigala have hidden away north of Habarana on the slopes of a hillside covered in thick vegetation and protected by the Ritigala Strict Natural Reserve. It is believed that the mountaintop where the monastery is located was Aristha from the Ramayana when Hanuman leapt from Lanka back to India after learning where Sita was being held captive.

The Town also allows visitors to observe traditional Sri Lankan country life via rural excursions. For example, in Habarana, village tours often entail a guided stroll around a nearby hamlet where guests may speak with locals and discover their way of life. This tour might involve learning about regional agriculture techniques and taking part in traditional crafts like pottery making, basket weaving, or batik printing.
The village excursions give visitors a chance to help the community and give them a genuine view of Sri Lankan rural life. Marginalized populations are prevalent in many of the villages visited on these trips, and the money earned from tourism may be a significant source of income for them.

The Cultural shows in Habarana, Sri Lanka, are a fantastic example of the nation’s rich and varied past. Habarana, a tiny town in Sri Lanka’s central province, is renowned for its gorgeous surroundings, calm mood, and active cultural scene. The city is a well-liked tourist attraction because of the surrounding verdant forests, undulating hills, and expansive lakes.
Every evening starting at 6.30 p.m., the Habarana cultural event features these traditional dance and music acts for approximately two hours. The hops are a synthesis of numerous cultural influences from throughout the nation. These are carried out to the beat of conventional musical instruments like cymbals, flutes, and drums. These shows honour Sri Lanka’s rich cultural history and provide an excellent opportunity.

For those interested in Sri Lanka’s extensive history and stunning natural beauty, Habarana is a must-visit location. The town is readily reachable from significant cities like Colombo and Kandy and provides a variety of lodging alternatives, from affordable guesthouses to opulent resorts.

How to Reach Habarana

By Air
Several airlines, including Srilankan Airlines, Air India, Emirates, and Indigo, operate flights from Sri Lanka’s international airport, 35 kilometres north of Colombo. The flights on this route, which operate in over 100 different combinations, vary in price and travel duration. The quickest method to get to Habarana after arriving in Colombo is to take a flight from the domestic airport to Sigiriya, which is closest to the city and only takes 30 minutes. A cab can take you from Sigiriya to your destination in less than 20 minutes.

By Road
Due to its closeness to several important Sri Lankan cities, Habarana serves as a bustling bus interchange. So the most efficient way to go from Colombo to Habarana is to drive there or use a taxi.

By Train
One of the more affordable methods to go to Habarana is via rail, which is run by Sri Lankan Railways. It takes around 6 hours and a few minutes to get to Habarana Station, which is only a few kilometres from the city centre, using the three daily trains along the Colombo-Trincomalee rail line.

Places to Visit in Habarana and the Surrounding Areas

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