Sri Lanka ranks first among the 10 most affordable countries to travel in Asia

Asia is an incredible place for budget travel, as even its most popular destinations can be surprisingly cheap. Usually, the most expensive cost travelers will have to deal with when visiting the most affordable countries in Asia is the cost of flight tickets. Once in one of these countries, explorers will most likely never complain about price, especially when visiting during the cheapest times of the year to travel to Asia.

For vacationers on a budget seeking the most affordable destinations in the world, Asia is where it’s at – and the continent doesn’t fall short on beauty, culture, and incredible experiences for every type of traveler. So, wondering where to travel for cheap in Asia? Look no further; here are the cheapest countries to visit in Asia, where travelers don’t have to break the bank to live the dream.

1 Sri Lanka

Beautiful view of Lake Koggala, in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one place where travelers will never complain about prices but will rather be shocked by how cheap it can be to travel the country.

With less than $40 a day, travelers can live the dream in Sri Lanka, especially when visiting in the off-season (December to April) when things are so budget-friendly that it almost feels like a steal.

Cheapest time to visit Sri Lanka: December to April