Asha de Vos appointed to the UN secretary general’s scientific advisory board

Renowned marine biologist Dr. Asha de Vos joins the UN Secretary General’s Scientific Advisory Board as one of seven external members, becoming the first Sri Lankan to be appointed. “As the first Sri Lankan to EVER sit on this board, I marvel at how the Secretary General’s team scoured the planet and found me,” she said commenting on her appointment.

Asha de Vos further stated that her “untiring efforts and years working in, on, and around the ocean, my excitement to share it with everyone everywhere, my deep understanding of the issues that it faces, and my parallel and no less important work in the space of ocean justice and equity is why I find myself where I am today.”

The Secretary General’s Scientific Advisory Board primarily advises UN leaders on breakthroughs in science and technology, both in harnessing benefits and mitigating risks. As per the UN, the initial priority topics for the board will revolve around artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and climate change.