Cabinet nod for National Tourism Policy: SLTDA Chief

In a significant development, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) announced that the much-anticipated National Tourism Policy has received approval from the Cabinet of Ministers. 

SLTDA Chairman Priantha Fernando revealed on Thursday that the policy is set to be officially launched in the near future, marking a crucial step in the country’s efforts to enhance its tourism sector.

He further elaborated that the National Tourism Policy serves as the blueprint for a dynamic and sustainable growth path for the tourism sector. Notably, the policy is expected to play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability and resilience of the sector, providing a clear direction for its evolution over the coming two years.

“One of the key outcomes resulting from the implementation of the Tourism Policy is the finalisation of the Tourism Strategic Plan that charts the course of the industry’s development until 2025. This strategic plan has been meticulously crafted based on the principles and goals outlined in the National Tourism Policy. The plan is scheduled to be presented to the Cabinet on 21 Monday,” he said.

In addition to the short-term strategic plan, Chairman Fernando also unveiled ambitious long-term goals for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. He outlined the forthcoming unveiling of a comprehensive 10-year Master Plan, expected to span up to the year 2035. “This plan is envisioned to provide a roadmap for sustainable growth, encompassing a range of initiatives and strategies to propel the industry forward,” he said.

He expressed his confidence in the solidity of the strategic plans, emphasising their resilience even in the face of potential governmental changes. “We know exactly what we are planning to do leading up to 2035. With a solid plan in place for the industry, irrespective of Government changes, it will remain unchanged,” he added. 

By adopting a comprehensive and future-oriented approach, he said Sri Lanka Tourism aims to create an ecosystem that is not only resilient, but also capable of realising its full potential over the next decade and beyond.

Source: Cabinet nod for National Tourism Policy: SLTDA Chief | Daily FT