First 20 days of Feb. draw more than 78,000 tourists

Cumulative arrivals cross 180,000 markRussia leads as top market with 21,156, followed by India, UK, Germany and FranceIndustry disappointed with Govt.’s disregard to concerns over electricity hike

The tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka in the first 20 days of February crossed over 78,000, propelling the cumulative figure to 180,885 continuing the growth momentum. As per provisional data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority yesterday, a total of 78,340 tourists have arrived in the country during the first 20 days of February.

Russia leads as the top source market, reflecting 27% or 21,156 of total arrivals during the first 20 days followed by India with 12% or 9,783, the United Kingdom with 8% or 6,420, Germany with 7% or 5,472, and France with 6% or 4,805. In addition, tourists were also welcomed from Australia, Canada, the US, Israel and Switzerland.

It also showed that the daily average arrivals have slightly remained at 3,880 in the first 20 days of February, compared to below 2,000 recorded in 2022, following the exaggerated negative publicity on the ongoing economic crisis.

The influx of Russians places it to remain strong as the top tourist source market for Sri Lanka YTD with a cumulative number of arrivals at 46,410, followed by India with 23,542, the UK with 14,903, Germany with 13,689 and France with 9,645.

Analysis opined that the diversity of offerings with the combination of beautiful beaches, rich culture and history, affordable travel, and a range of adventure activities make Sri Lanka an attractive destination for Russian travellers.

Source: First 20 days of Feb. draw nearly 80,000 tourists | Daily FT