First week of May draws over 18,000 tourists

India remains top source market followed by Russia, UK
China makes it to top 5 generating markets
Jan-May arrivals at 459,578 with Russians dominating

Sri Lanka has welcomed over 18,000 tourists during the first week of the month, propelling the impetus to reach the monthly target of 75,989 arrivals.

The country received 18,401 tourists during the first seven days of the month, led by Indian travellers.

The first-week arrivals have also pushed the cumulative figure to date to 459,578, propelling the impetus to continue in the year 2023.

After regaining its place as the top source market in the first week of May, India continues to grow reflecting 26% or 4,824, followed by Russia with 10% or 1,869, the United Kingdom with 7% or 1,324, China with 5% or 969 and Germany with 5% or 903.

It is noteworthy that China has made it to Sri Lanka’s top source markets, despite the slow start due to COVID travel restrictions. In March it got into the top 10 source markets, securing the ninth position and in April it clinched the sixth spot and is now the fifth place.

As per the IMF Economic Outlook, countries that are depending on Chinese travellers will benefit from the economic boom in China during this year, as advancement in the region will be led by China with a 5.2% growth rate this year after reopening the economy post-pandemic.

In addition, tourists were also received from the US, Australia, Canada, France and the Maldives, the provisional data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority showed.

Russia remains strong as the top tourist source market for Sri Lanka YTD with a cumulative number of arrivals at 96,416 or 21% followed by India with 71,171 or 15% UK with 38,178 or 8% Germany with 34,156 or 7% and the France with 22,881 or 5%.