Jazeera Airways increases Colombo flights to six per week

Jazeera Airways, a leading airline in the region, has announced plans to increase the frequency of flights to popular destinations including Colombo in response to the growing demand for summer travel.   The airline aims to cater to the desires of travellers seeking quick getaways or relaxing holidays to Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Baku, and Colombo, all of which offer fantastic tourist attractions.

 To provide enhanced convenience and flexibility, Jazeera Airways will operate daily flights to Sarajevo, six flights a week to Colombo, and five flights a week to both Tbilisi and Baku. This increased frequency allows travellers greater options when planning their trips.

 To make the travel experience even more appealing, the Jazeera Airways is offering special return fares. Passengers can avail themselves of fares as low as KD 99 to Sarajevo, KD 127 to Colombo, KD 69 to Tbilisi, and similarly competitive rates to Baku. These affordable fares provide an excellent opportunity for travellers to explore these fascinating destinations without breaking the bank.

 Jazeera Airways prides itself on connecting travellers to a wide range of cities, serving 66 destinations across the Middle East, Europe, Central and North Asia and Africa. With its extensive network, the airline continues to provide accessible and efficient travel options for passengers.


Source: Jazeera Airways increases Colombo flights to six per week | Daily FT