Kirindi Ella Falls

  • Height: The breathtaking Kirindi Ella Falls stands tall at 116 meters.
  • Source: The source of this mesmerizing waterfall is the Kirindi Ela stream, which originates 940 meters up the Kuttapitiya Mountain. The stream travels approximately 13 kilometers before gracefully cascading down in the Kaluwaramukalana Jungle .
  • Location: Kirindi Ella Falls is situated in the village of Kuttapitiya, accessible via the Pelmadulla-Kuttapitiya road, approximately 7.8 kilometers from the Pelmadulla bus stand .

Features and Beauty

  • Diyagathwala Pool: At the base of the falls, the water plunges into a deep pool called Diyagathwala. Legend has it that a flight of stone steps leads down to the bottom, where a hidden treasure awaits. However, despite the tales, no treasure has been found so far.
  • Flora and Fauna: The wooded area surrounding Kirindi Ella hosts a multitude of plant species and wildlife, including wild boar, cobras, monkeys, and reptiles.
  • Folklore: Local villagers believe that during Halloween, human voices can be heard near the fall. Additionally, fireballs are said to appear in the skies above the falls at night.

How to Reach Kirindi Ella Falls

  1. From Pelmadulla: Take the Ratnapura – Pelmadulla highway and turn left onto the Kuttapitiya road. Continue for 5 kilometers to reach the falls.
  2. From Ratnapura: Take the Balangoda road to Pelmadulla and join the Pelmadulla School road. Continue via Narangoda to Kiuriwandala, and you’ll be able to see the fall from near the Kuttapitiya tea factory.
  3. Viewing Platform: The Pelmadulla Pradeshiya Sabha charges a fee to see this fall. You can reach the viewing platform by climbing a few steps from the entrance. Alternatively, you can descend all the way to the bottom using the built steps (approximately 30 minutes).
  4. Top of the Falls: To reach the top of Kirindi Ella, travel past the entry point to the waterfall and head up to the Kuttapitiya Tea Factory. A narrow path next to the factory will directly lead you to the top of the falls.

Practical Information

  • Nearest Town: Pelmadulla (Ratnapura District)
  • Accommodation: Consider staying at the Ratnapura rest-house (approximately 21 kilometers away).

Discover the magic of Kirindi Ella Falls, where nature’s grandeur meets folklore and mystery! 🌊✨

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