Revitalizing Partnership with Aitken Spence PLC

In view of revitalizing key partnerships of A-PAD Sri Lanka, the A-PAD Board paid a courtesy visit to Aitken Spence PLC to seek avenues of potential collaboration. A-PAD Board Members and the Senior management of Aitken Spence PLC, led by Dr. Rohan Fernando, Executive Director, engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue reflecting on the key successes resulting from this vibrant partnership.

With Aitken Spence being a leading conglomerate championing corporate sustainability, A-PAD’s role in formulating and documenting best practices and good governance mechanisms of Aitken Spence, and the organization’s passion towards developing the disaster management unit of Aitken Spence was brought to attention.

Moreover, recalling the disastrous floods of 2016 and 2017, Ms. Yasangi Randeni, General Manager of Business Development and Sustainability highlighted the pivotal role played by A-PAD in establishing clear communication lines and providing clarity on emergency and relief operations to corporates, noting that placing their trust in A-PAD was a result of the visible impact the platform has had on improving the efficacy and impact of CSR initiatives.

Innovative avenues for collaboration such as medical tourism, use drone technology for disaster relief and response and exemplary initiatives undertaken by Aitken Spence in the plantations, freight and logistics sectors were extensively discussed as well. The partnership remains a testament to the decade of effort undertaken by A-PAD to enhance business and community resilience in the nation.

Source; The A-PAD bulletin_sep-oct23