Several coastal areas to be developed as tourist attractions

The Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management has been tasked with identifying tourist attractions near the coastal areas of Sri Lanka and implementing a programme to attract both local and foreign tourists.

According to Mawratta News, the directives have been issued by Minister for Urban Development and Housing of Sri Lanka Prasanna Ranatunga. 

Minister Ranatunga says suitable investors will be found to develop the identified areas, with the support of the Urban Development Authority, and other institutions from both the government and private sectors.

It is reported that the Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management has already identified 24 places for this purpose.

These identified locations include Gange Wadiya, Puttalam Lagoon Islands, Kudawa, Vaikkal, Negombo Lagoon, Kapungoda, Preethipura, Koggala Lagoon, Seethagalla, Rekava Lagoon, Lunama Lagoon, Malala Lewa, Kirinda, Kunukele Beach, Elephant Rock, Salathievu Island, Thambalagamuwa Bay, Governor Office, Uppuveli, Sampalthivu Beach, Ariyamalle Beach, Nayaru Beach, Nandikadal Beach, and Santhakulam Beach. 

Minister Ranatunga further stated that the systematic development of the coastal areas while protecting them will assist in resolving the economic crisis of Sri Lanka.