Sri Lanka among the 10 most popular solo travel destinations for 2024: Forbes

Taking your first solo trip is a rite of passage for a traveler. It gives you a chance to step outside of your comfort zone, deepen your sense of empowerment and independence, and spend your time exactly how you want.

But once you’ve summoned up the bravery to take a solo adventure, you’re faced with a big question: What’s the best place to travel alone?

Look no further than Japan. It was named the top solo travel destination for 2024 in a recent report from Flash Pack, a travel company that curates small group adventures for solo travelers age 30 to 50.

Interestingly, Flash Pack says Japan faces steep competition from another destination in Asia that’s gaining popularity with solo travelers in the coming year.

“Korea bookings will climb and replace Japan as one of our top bookings by the end of next year,” said Lee Thompson, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Flash Park, in the report. “Overall, we have seen a pre-pandemic boom to our Asia trips, and they are currently dominating our 2024 bookings. Japan saw massive tourism numbers this year that will continue into 2024, but we predict some will runoff into our Korean bookings.”

4. Sri Lanka

Solo travelers are heading to Sri Lanka to check out its legendary trains in 2024. GETTY

Sri Lanka, the fourth-most popular destination for solo travelers in 2024, gives visitors a chance to experience a major travel trend: slow travel by train. Thompson, of Flash Pack, said: “After a tumultuous few years, Sri Lanka has made a big comeback, and its iconic upcountry train routes are a major part of its appeal. With more U.S. travelers adding to an uptick in interest from U.K. customers this year, 2024 will be the moment when it all comes together and Sri Lanka once again rules the travel charts for slow, immersive adventure.”