Sri Lanka invests on Tourism with World Tourism Forum Institute

President of World Tourism Forum Institute, Bulut Bağcı, met Sri Lanka’s Minister of Tourism, H.E. Harin Fernando, to Explore the Nation’s Tourism Potential and Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities.

During the meeting, H.E. Bağcı commended the government’s efforts in promoting Sri Lanka as a world-class tourist destination and acknowledged the significant strides made in recent years. He highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives to maximize the country’s tourism potential and attract more international visitors.

Both H.E. Bağcı and Minister Fernando engaged in a comprehensive dialogue on various aspects of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, including infrastructure development, marketing strategies, and investment incentives. They emphasized the need for continued investment in the sector, especially in the areas of hospitality, transportation, and sustainable tourism practices.

Expressing his optimism, H.E. Bağcı said, “Sri Lanka possesses immense natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a warm and welcoming population. These assets, coupled with the government’s commitment to sustainable tourism, make Sri Lanka an attractive destination for both leisure and business travelers. We are eager to collaborate with Sri Lanka in harnessing its tourism potential and facilitating foreign direct investment.”

Minister Fernando expressed his gratitude for the World Tourism Forum Institute’s interest and support in furthering Sri Lanka’s tourism objectives. He stated, “We are delighted to have President Bağcı’s valuable insights and expertise in our pursuit of transforming Sri Lanka into a leading tourism destination. We look forward to leveraging our partnership to attract more tourists, enhance infrastructure, and create sustainable employment opportunities.”

The meeting concluded with a mutual commitment to work closely together to implement effective strategies that will boost Sri Lanka’s tourism sector and attract greater foreign direct investment. H.E. Bağcı expressed his intention to facilitate knowledge-sharing programs, conferences, and workshops to promote best practices and innovation within the industry. (WTFI LONDON)

About World Tourism Forum Institute: The World Tourism Forum Institute is a renowned international organization committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices, fostering global collaboration, and driving economic growth through tourism. With its extensive network of industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders, the Institute works to empower destinations worldwide, offering guidance and support to unlock their tourism potential.