Sri Lanka takes centre stage at Embassy Festival 2023

Sri Lanka once again showed its full potential as a world renowned travel destination at the Embassy Festival 2023, held in the Beautiful city of Hague, Netherlands. Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Embassy in the Netherlands, made this participation a success by creating an attractive Sri Lanka Pavilion which was definitely a crowd pleaser.

The Sri Lanka pavilion was a major attraction and one of the most popular stalls at the event, where it had the opportunity to showcase its rich and vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality to more than 50,000 international visitors. They were simply amazed by the warm hospitality and the various travel opportunities the paradise Island had to offer. Sri Lanka Tourism took the maximum advantage of this opportunity to highlight Sri Lanka as a compact destination which is blessed with all the natural resources, picturesque locations and sunny beaches, including the best of Ayurveda and traditional Sri Lankan cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. The embassy Festival created colorful atmosphere as it brought together all the nations across the world with their respective cultures.

The event was a sensory delight as the air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of Sri Lankan spices and teas, accompanied by the enchanting sounds of traditional music and dance, all wrapped in the genuine warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality. Our very own Sri Lankan culinary artisans worked their magical hands, whipping up mouthwatering dishes that included spicy Koththu, crispy hoppers, and the famous Polos cutlet and Parippu wade, leaving festival goers craving for more.

The mesmerizing Sri Lankan dance and music with its unique artistic and traditional style, throughout the whole event added more color and excitement to the Sri Lanka pavilion, offering visitors a unique experience to explore the breathtaking beauty of this Island and its people, renowned across the whole world for their warm smile.