Sri Lanka welcomes over 65,000 visitors in first 17 days of September

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is experiencing a significant revival, with an impressive 65,688 visitors flocking to the island nation in the first 17 days of September propelling the cumulative arrivals for to 970,006, underscoring continuous rebound.

The influx of tourists during this period was marked by a steady rise. In the initial week, 26,762 travellers made their way to Sri Lanka, with an even higher number of 27,120 arrivals in the second week. The remaining three days of the month contributed an additional 11,806 visitors, capping off an exceptional half-month for Sri Lanka tourism. 

For 2023, Sri Lanka Tourism has set an ambitious goal of over 1.55 million visitors. The authorities have set 120,201 as the monthly target anticipating 54,513 more tourists in the next 13 days of September. Indian tourists took the lead, constituting a substantial 17,897 arrivals, showcasing the enduring appeal of Sri Lanka as a favoured destination among its neighbouring countries. The UK, Germany, Russia, and China closely followed suit, further diversifying the international footprint within the island nation. 

This surge in tourism is a testament to Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, and lush landscapes that continue to captivate travellers from around the world. The Government’s concerted efforts to revitalise the tourism industry in the wake of the multiple crises clearly borne fruit. As travellers rediscover the island nation’s unique charm, Sri Lanka is poised to surpass its pre-pandemic visitor numbers, signifying a promising resurgence for the nation’s tourism sector. 

The current trajectory indicates that Sri Lanka is on track to exceed its target of welcoming over one million visitors in 2023, marking a significant milestone in the country’s post-pandemic recovery.