“Tap & Go”: New Fuel Pass scheme for tourists

A Fuel Pass scheme for foreign tourists visiting Sri Lanka was launched on 05th of October 2022.

Minister of Tourism said the ‘Tap & Go’ Fuel Pass for tourists is being launched with the collaboration of a prominent telecommunication partner and the Minister of Energy. 

Minister further said that a Fuel Pass scheme for those in the tourism industry will also be provided in order for them to obtain the necessary fuel for generators to supply electricity.

“Tourists’ Fuel Pass introduced this evening outside the QR Code system. Tourists can obtain their fuel needs from 300 Ceypetco & LIOC fuel stations islandwide” Minister Fernando said.

He said that a trial was conducted on providing such a special Fuel Pass to those in the tourism industry and it will be launched today. Further, those entitled to the Fuel Pass must be registered with the Tourist Board.

The Tourism Minister further said that measures are underway to attract more tourists and spread positive information about Sri Lanka.

Stating that a contingency plan is being considered for December, he revealed that it is expected that Sri Lanka will record historical tourist arrivals during the winter season this year. 

Source: https://www.newswire.lk/2022/10/05/new-fuel-pass-scheme-for-foreign-ourists/?fbclid=IwAR2GR1uNOH2fC5hzMywngXeQfVqGjufblgcz3_KVBySnP0PPn2Py63RDwkc