‘Travel Off Path’ outlines 6 Reasons why Sri Lanka should be on your bucket list

If you have read anything about Sri Lanka in the past year, it’s likely that it wasn’t good news. From protests, political uprisings, electricity cuts, and food shortages, the country has had a rough time recently. In addition to daily hardships, the people of Sri Lanka suffered economically from lost revenue due to the nearly nonexistent inbound travel during the upheaval. The good news is that after many canceled trips in 2022, the start of the new year has proved that things are looking up for travel to this island nation.

If you need any proof that people are ready to travel to Sri Lanka again, just look at the data. So far, in 2023, Sri Lanka has welcomed over 100,000 tourists, which is a nearly 25% increase from last year. A recently set up government has worked to stabilize the country’s previously fragile economy, and daily life, along with tourism, is heading back to normal. The U.S. State Department has downgraded its travel advisory to level 2, instructing travelers to exercise increased caution. 

Walk On 

Sri Lanka seems to have noticed the attention it’s receiving from travelers, and it’s answering by offering more activities and things to enjoy for those who make the trip. 

One new exciting addition is The Pekoe Walking Trail, allowing travelers to wind their way through the island’s lush and tropical tea country. Covering 22 routes across 185 miles of Sri Lank’s tea country, the train connects many of Sri Lanka’s highlights, such as Adam’s Peak and Nine Arch Bridge, while also introducing travelers to new lesser-known hidden gems. 

Adventure Awaits

If it’s an adventure that you are seeking, look to Sri Lanka and the multiple opportunities for outdoor thrills that it offers. Having been named one of the top 10 adventurous destinations for 2023, there is no shortage of ways to get your heart racing in this island nation. One surefire way to get moving is by heading to the beach. Grab a board and access some great surfing waves at one of the numerous popular beaches around the country. Notable surf beaches include Ahangama, Hikkaduwa, and Weligama, with each offering great swells for everyone, from newbies to professionals. Surfing aside, the hiking opportunities in Sri Lanka’s lush highlands are endless, with treks from beginner to multi-day excursions. 


For those who are embracing the sustainability trend in travel, Sri Lanka offers multiple reasons to visit. From newly built eco-lodges to immersive cultural experiences, this country is one where you really can give back to the community. With unique accommodations available at every budget, many new properties are being set up to encourage the preservation of the land and local heritage, all while offering guests interesting ways to spend their holidays. 

More For Your Money

With the cost of living crisis and inflation breathing down our necks, it should come as no surprise that price is a main factor when booking travel for 2023. Luckily Sri Lanka shines in this regard, with flight prices lower than average and an exchange rate more favorable than usual for travelers coming with U.S. dollars or UK Sterling. While not as budget-friendly as its neighboring India, Sri Lanka is still considerably cheaper to visit and explore than many other countries.

Nourish Yourself  

If 2023 travel trends continue in the way they began, then wellness-focused travel is only on the rise. It seems to boost one’s health and mind is at the top of travelers’ wish lists this year, and Sri Lanka is a perfect place to do just that. Having been named a top wellness destination for 2023, the country offers many programs and retreats aimed at helping you to reset yourself. For those who are looking for more active-based options, yoga, surf, and fitness retreats are plentiful here. But of course, if you are truly looking for a relaxing escape, there are multiple choices for this as well. While there is no shortage of things to do in Sri Lanka, it’s also the perfect place to do nothing at all.

Boost Your Feed

Another list that Sri Lanka made recently is based on its popularity on social media, naming it in the top 10 destinations that are popular on TikTok and Instagram right now. With over 16.4 billion views on TikTok and over 12 million Instagram hashtags, Sri Lanka is definitely trending this year. If you’re looking for a trip that not only rejuvenates you but also your social media feed, Sri Lanka might be just what you need.

 Source: https://www.traveloffpath.com/6-reasons-sri-lanka-should-be-on-your-travel-radar-this-year/

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