Traversing “The Port of the lyre”

A bastion of Hindu tradition, art and creative culture, Jaffna is one of the best places to learn about vibrant Sri Lankan cultures and is rising in popularity as a cultural pot of diversity in recent times. There are plenty of interesting, mystic and unexplored places to see in Jaffna including the Jaffna Fort of which is an intriguing piece of architecture built by the Portuguese between 1618 and 1625 and one of the greatest forts built in Asia. The famous Nallur Kandasamy Kovil, Nagadeepa Temple, Naga Pooshani Amabal Kovil, Kadurugoda temple, The Jaffna Public library, Keerimalai pond are some of the historically known places in Jaffna. But most of all it’s more a destination to feel and understand the tranquility of human cultures rather than just a “visit and see”.

These northern realms of Sri Lanka drum to a beat of their own, lead by the Tamils and a strong Hindu culture so entirely separate from the cultures of the south. Colorful Hindu temples dot the region, frequented by saree-clad women and shirtless men praying to the gods. The language is distinct, the people more reserved, and the cuisine influenced strongly by southern India but has a addictive and unique charismatic of its own

Jaffna is a seriously raw marvel to visit. You will be blown away by the warmth of the locals, you’ll also realized that, despite the lack of rope swings and insta-famous locations, Jaffna has an incredible number of unique things to see and do, including ancient forts and temples, isolated islands, and truly exquisite food.

Source: ASTL team