TUI unveiled its new global headquarters in Germany, the TUI Campus

TUI has introduced its new global headquarters in Germany, known as the TUI Campus, marking a significant step for the company. The campus serves as a hub where 2,800 employees from various divisions, including TUI Musement, collaborate within a fresh and innovative workspace.

The inauguration event witnessed an engaging discussion on stage featuring Group CEO Sebastian Ebel, former CEOs Fritz Joussen, Dr. Michael Frenzel, and Ralf Corsten. Moderated by Linda Jonczyk, the discussion revolved around both the future prospects and the enduring legacy of TUI as a prominent entity in the field of tourism. Adding to the occasion, Stephan Weil, Lower Saxony’s Minister President, highlighted TUI’s triumphant narrative following the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, fostering a delightful celebration that united individuals associated with the company’s rich historical journey and its well-established brand.