Udupiyangala excavations, the conclusion

The Udupiyangala cave in Kalthota, Balangoda is a prehistoric habitat that was excavated by Dr. P.E.P Deraniyagala in 1936. Through that excavation, it was recorded that quartz tools and a clay pot with seeds were found. Based on that evidence Dr. Deraniyagala believed it reflected a new path in the Stone Age culture of Prehistoric Sri Lanka. To identify this culture he proposed the termed Ferolithic culture. But at that time Dr. Deraniyagala was unable to determine how old that culture was.

In February 2016 under the Hunters in Transition project by Prof. Raj Somadeva, excavations of Udupiyangala were recommenced mainly to determine its age. As a result of the excavations, tools made from transparent quartz, snail shells, burned seeds, and many more important findings were made.

Among the finds, the most interesting find is a pendant made from Chert stone cut into the shape of a heart. The soil level in which this pendant was found was dated to 7745 BC.