Holiday destinations where New Zealand currency is strong

Few things are more disappointing than carefully budgeting for that big trip, only for the exchange rate to trip you up when you arrive at your destination.

An unfavourable exchange rate can often mean your long-awaited trip overseas ends up costing hundreds if not thousands more.

Unfortunately, according to the experts at Wise, you’ll want to avoid heading to the UK, Europe or the US. In these spots, NZ$1 is worth just £0.48, US$0.59 and €0.56.

On the plus side, there are some destinations that will take your money an extra mile. Here are seven spots where the New Zealand dollar is strong, according to current exchange rates.

Sri Lanka

Several years of political turmoil have pushed Sri Lanka off most tourists’ travel lists, which is good news for those keen to visit, as the destination is just as gorgeous as other spots in South Asia but tends to be cheaper and less busy. Add a strong exchange rate, and Sri Lanka starts to look like a top spot to visit Asap. Since NZ$1 converts to Rs191.05 (Sri Lankan rupees), an inexpensive restaurant meal in Colombo will cost just NZ$4.71 (Rs900), while a local beer goes for NZ$2.62 (Rs500).

All exchange rates are correct at the time of writing and will be subject to change.

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