Ambalangoda, the Wonderful Holiday Destination!

Planning to visit Sri Lanka? Excited to spend a wonderful beach holiday with much delight? If so, the perfect destination for your next trip would be Ambalangoda! 

It is a fantastic beach town, with scenic settings, cool breezes, and adventurous activities. And why not? This charming town is also famous for its traditional arts and crafts. In fact, it is home to the majority of traditional mask factories. So, with all these amusements, Ambalangoda will assure you of a memorable holiday. 

Need more reasons to visit Ambalangoda? Continue reading! 

Best Things to Do in Ambalangoda

As mentioned earlier, Ambalangoda holds a bunch of beautiful amusements. Among them, the following things would be the best for you to do in Ambalangoda. 

Relaxing by the Shores

Visiting a Mask Factory 

Visiting Mask Museums

Visiting a Turtle Hatchery 

Enjoying Seafood Dishes

Taking a Boat Safari in the Madu River

Scroll down to know the delight of these activities in detail.

1. Relaxing by the Shores

As you already know, Ambalangoda is a coastal town. It is in close proximity to Galle, and Hikkaduwa, on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Yet, areas like Galle and Hikkaduwa are highly crowded during most of the times of the year. So, if you are aiming for a relaxing beach holiday, with your loved ones, Ambalangoda is the perfect spot for you. 

While there are many famous beaches around this town, the most-visited one among all is Narigama Beach. The shores there spread over a distance of around 4 kilometers and it holds the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy a splendid time. 

In fact, the marvelous sceneries there, coupled with the pleasant climate, have the power of soothing your soul. Besides, the mighty waves at Ambalangoda are suitable for water sports such as surfing as well. However, it is the beginners that choose this area mostly for their water sports since those waves are supportive for the novice to train themselves, and gain experience. 

Apart from that, while relaxing by the shores of Ambalangoda, you can surely capture some amazing photographs. In fact, the blue waves, white sky, and greenery around will create the perfect backdrop for your photographs. 

So, all these things coupled together would offer you the most relaxing beach holiday at Ambalangoda. Hence, it is one of the best things for you to do in this wonderful beach town. 

2. Visiting a Mask Factory at Ambalangoda

It is not a secret that Sri Lanka is one of the countries that has a rich heritage with wonderful cultural values. Thus, there is a prominent place on this island for traditional arts and crafts, and traditional masks are a significant highlight among them. 

In the past, Sri Lankans have used these traditional masks for various rituals, and dances. However, at present, these masks are mostly home decoration items, and souvenirs. Even though there is a variation in how these masks are used, the demand for masks is still at a good level, and Ambalangoda is more like the home for these traditional masks. 

Owing to this reason, visiting a traditional mask factory is more like a must-do if someone visits Ambalangoda. 

Besides, observing how a piece of wood is getting converted into a vibrant wooden mask is simply interesting, and a unique experience. Also, visiting a mask factory as such is a motivation for those talented artists as well. It is with so many hardships that these artists are maintaining these factories and productions. So, a little appreciation from you will surely encourage them to keep these traditions living in this island nation. 

So, considering all these reasons, we suggest that visiting a mask factory is one of the best things for you to do in Ambalangoda. 

3. Visiting a Mask Museum

If you are a person who appreciates the artistic values of this country, you should not stop by just visiting a traditional mask factory. You should certainly visit a mask museum as well. 

There are a few mask museums in Ambalangoda, that house a large collection of traditional masks. The masks that they exhibit are different from one to another and they hold unique artistic values of their own. Besides, the officials there have the knowledge to enlighten you about the background stories of those masks, and their uses in the past as well. So, a visit to a mask museum as such will not only create you the opportunity to explore the artistic values of those items but also go on a journey to the past. 

Above all, visiting a traditional mask factory is something that you can’t do in any other area in Sri Lanka, or in the world, So, visiting a mask museum in Ambalangoda will surely add more value and memories to your holiday for sure! 

4. Visiting a Turtle Hatchery at Ambalangoda

Of course, Sri Lanka’s southern coast houses several turtle hatcheries. Some of them are based in the Ambalangoda area. So, if you visit Ambalangoda, you can surely visit a turtle hatchery to observe the turtles up close and personal. In fact, it would be a wonderful opportunity for you to observe the rare turtle species that you won’t be able to see everywhere. 

However, turtle hatcheries offer you more opportunities than just observing them. You can hold them in hand, and pose for photographs. Besides, you can collect their eggs, and observe how those eggs are preserved. Apart from that, most of the turtle hatcheries are open for volunteer teams to assist them as well. Especially, during the seasons when the small turtles are released into the sea, these centers need more workforce. So, if you are also interested in joining a course like that, make sure you contact a turtle hatchery and get to know when they need your support. 

Further, even though there are many opinions about the services of the turtle hatcheries, we believe that they do a great service for nature. In fact, since the turtle hatcheries take care of the injured turtles, they get a chance to stay away from dangers and live long. Moreover, since the eggs are conserved, they would be safe rather than just being open to danger in the natural setting. Also, since the baby turtles are taken care of until they are fit to survive, the death rate of baby turtles is getting reduced. So, because of all these reasons, visiting a turtle hatchery itself would be a motivation for those staff members to continue their services in a better way. 

5. Enjoying Seafood Dishes

A visit to a coastal town in Sri Lanka is never complete without tasting seafood dishes. That is simply because the coastal area of the island gets the freshest and the best seafood from the sea. Besides, the Sri Lankan culinary styles give that seafood the best delicacy that anyone would long for. Hence, enjoying seafood prepared in the Sri Lankan style would surely magnify the delight of your holiday. 

Almost all the restaurants in the Ambalangoda area would have several seafood dishes that enthrall your taste buds. So, never miss this delight if you visit Ambalangoda! 

6. Taking a Boat Safari in the Madu River

Taking a boat safari in the Madu River is one of the most unique experiences that you will ever experience in Sri Lanka. The reason why we say so is simply the rich ecosystem that it surrounds. In fact, this river is surrounded by mangrove islets, and they shelter various types of plants, and animals, including colorful bird species. And yes, this is one of the must-experience especially for bird lovers, considering the wonderful bird watching experiences that it offers you. Apart from that, you can observe monkeys and various reptiles in and around this river. 

And why not? Going on a boat safari at Madu River will also create ample opportunities to take a couple of splendid photographs. However, make sure you are careful while you are going on the boat safari. There can be branches on huge trees crossing the river over you!

What is the Best Time to Visit Ambalangoda?

Considering the climate, the months between January – March, and June – August are the best for you to visit Ambalangoda. These months have the lowest rainfall in this area. However, the average temperature of this town would range between 28C – 32C, during most of the times of the year.

Besides, if you are planning to visit Ambalangoda when it has the least crowds, we suggest that the best time for your trip would be March or June. During these two months, the climate would be pleasant, and the crowds would also be less.

How to Reach Ambalangoda?

After all, arriving at Ambalangoda is never a big deal. There are enough and more transportation methods for you to travel to this wonderful coastal town. 

If you are in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, you can either travel to Ambalangoda by bus, train, drive yourself, or book a taxi. If you are driving on your own, or if you are going by taxi, the journey would approximately take around 2 hours and 30 minutes. In this case, you will have to take the Southern Expressway and travel a distance of around 130 kilometers. 

If not, you can even take a bus to Ambalangoda from the Colombo Central Bus terminal. There are buses that take the central expressway, as well as the normal route. Apart from that, taking the train to arrive at Ambalangoda will also offer you a wonderful experience. In fact, the coastal railway line goes through scenic surroundings, passing the blue waves. So, traveling to this wonderful coastal town on a train, while enjoying the cool breeze and attractive sceneries will make your trip more memorable. 

Besides, if you are in Galle, it is only a matter of traveling around 25 kilometers to arrive at Ambalangoda. However, if you are out of the southern part of the country, the best would be to arrive at Colombo, and then arrange your transportation from there. 

The Bottom Line

After all, Ambalangoda is such a wonderful town for you to spend your holiday in. The places that it houses for you to visit and the ample opportunities that it offers you to enjoy would surely add up some wonderful memories to your travel diary. Besides, the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority has paid attention to improving the facilities in Ambalangoda. So, if you are planning on a beach holiday, make sure you count on Ambalangoda for your choices as well. Happy and safe traveling!

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