Aitken Spence Travels Elevates Travel Experience with Unveiling of Exquisite Fleet

On Tuesday, September 26th, 2023, Aitken Spence Travels, a pioneer in redefining travel experiences, unveiled its fleet of branded vehicles to its management team at the ASTL Yard in Mattakkuliya.

With a focus on luxury, comfort, and convenience in group travel, the company showcased a fleet that promises to set new benchmarks in travel experiences, ranging from cars, micro vans, mini coaches, coaches, and SUVs to luxury vehicle options. From the sleek and opulent luxury travel segment to the accommodating and congenial group tours, and the personalized comfort of private tours, each vehicle bore the indelible mark of Aitken Spence Travels’ dedication to go the extra mile in serving its clientele.

As the management team navigated through these branded vehicles, it provided an exclusive opportunity for the company’s leadership to witness the comfort, safety, and novelty of the fleet firsthand.

These vehicles will be available for operations throughout the winter of 2023/24 and the summer of 2024. This ensures that clients can experience convenience in transportation across all seasons. Aitken Spence Travels continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering unparalleled travel experiences, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Source: ASTL team