Unlock the Secrets of Sri Lanka's Breathtaking Biodiversity

Welcome to the heart of Sri Lanka's natural treasure, the Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve, a captivating haven of biodiversity and spiritual significance.

Discovering Sinharaja: A UNESCO Recognized Gem

Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve is a biologically rich lowland rainforest, steeped in folklore and mystique. Designated as a Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) in 1978, this enchanting forest has earned its place in UNESCO's International Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Geographical Marvel: Where Districts Converge

Spanning across Ratnapura, Matara, and Galle districts, Sinharaja covers approximately 11,187 hectares of lush terrain. Positioned between north latitude 6º21´-6º27′ and east longitude 80º21´-80º37′, it offers a unique convergence of diverse ecosystems and natural wonders.

Entrance Routes to the Untouched Wilderness

Accessing this natural wonder is an adventure in itself. Choose from four entry points: Ratnapura – Weddagala route, Ratnapura-Rakwana-Sooriyakanda-Ilumbakanda road, Hiniduma – Neluwa road, and Deniyaya-Pallegama road. Each route immerses you in the captivating beauty of Sri Lanka's landscapes.

Flora: A Symphony of Green Endemism

Sinharaja's lush greenery is a haven of biodiversity, with an average tree height of 35m – 40m. Dominated by clans like Dipterocarpaceae, the forest boasts over 90% endemism. Of the 211 woody trees and lianas identified, an astonishing 66% are endemic, reflecting the untapped hereditable potential of Sinharaja's flora.

Fauna: A Symphony of Wildlife

Home to around 130 bird species, including 33 endemic to Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is a paradise for birdwatchers. Encounter reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and a myriad of insects. The elusive leopard, purple-faced langur monkey, and giant squirrel are among the diverse wildlife calling Sinharaja home.

When to Visit: Timing Matters

To experience Sinharaja at its best, plan your visit between December and early April or August to September. Avoid the heavy rains during southwestern monsoons (May-July) and northeastern monsoons (November-December) for a more enjoyable exploration.

What to Wear and Bring: A Practical Guide

Given the leech-infested terrain, wear long clothing, shield stockings, or repellents. Sturdy boots and long jeans are recommended for snake protection, and a walking stick adds an extra layer of security. Follow eco-friendly practices by refraining from carrying polyethylene wrappings and bags.

Visitor Information: Trails and Points of Interest

Explore Sinharaja on foot through four starting points:

  1. Kudawa Entrance 
  2. Morning Side Entrance
  3. Pitadeniya Entrance
  4. Lankagama Entrance

Dive into the network of trails that lead to captivating locations, including waterfalls, peaks, and conservation centers. Immerse yourself in the natural pool, marvel at cascading waterfalls, and witness the unparalleled biodiversity that Sinharaja offers.

Embark on Your Sinharaja Adventure

Ready for an authentic jungle adventure? Visit and plan your journey to Sinharaja Rain Forest Reserve. Connect with experienced guides and embark on a journey of self-discovery amidst the wonders of Sri Lanka's untouched wilderness.

Important Locations at the Sinharaja Forest Reserve

A – Kudawa Conservation Centre
B – Jeep track from Kudawa to Kudawa Research Station
C – Mulawella Peak
D – Kudawa Research Station
E – Gal Yen Yaya
F – Sinhagala Peak
G – Pitadeniya Conservation Centre
H – Pitadeniya Ticket Counter
I – Track from Mediripitiya to Pitadeniya Conservation Centre
J – Kohila Aramba
K – Kekuna waterfalls
L – Patan-Oya waterfalls
M – Duwili waterfalls (Kosmulla)
N – Morningside Conservation Centre
O – Natural Pool
P – Duwili waterfalls (Morningside)

Trails at The Sinharaja Forest Reserve

1 – Wathurawa- Mulawella
2 – From Kudawa Conservation Centre to Nawanda Tree
3 – From Sinhagala Trail to Gal Len Yaya
4 – Sinhagala trail from Kudawa
5 – Kohila Aamba Trail
6 – Kekuna waterfalls and Pata-oua waterfalls Trail
7 – Sinhagala Trail from Pitadeniya
8 – Duwili waterfalls Trail from Denuwakanda
9 – Duwili waterfalls Trail from MCC
10 – From Morningside to the natural pool
11 – Trail from Kosmulla via Duwili waterfalls to Siththara gal Lena (cave)


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